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So I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this or not but I HATE taking pictures. I’m highly critical of myself and over the past few months, my weight and skin have been out of whack. Hunny says I’m too hard on myself but how does the saying go, “You are your worst critic!”

I used to be really into fitness which of course a healthy body takes care of a healthy face but my work has been extremely stressful. With the end of the year approaching, I’m hoping some things will slow down at work, and I can get back into my normal routines. I’m also looking forward to a few things including: me and the beau’s anniversary, a concert in October, family birthdays, and Christmas! Is it to early to talk about that now?? (As I type this, I’m now singing, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening…”) I know too early.

Well see below a few pics of me in the office. I was traveling this day and in one of our vacant offices so I was much more casual than I normally am.


Blazer: Thrifted No Tag/ Tank: Old so I don't remember/ Jeans: Thrifted/ Sunnies: JCP

Tank Detailing

Bangle: ALDO


Hey guys, So sorry that it’s taken me so long to post but I’ve been SUPER busy at work and with life in general.

I don’t have much to say but please enjoy the pics.

Well one thing I will say is to relish in the moments you have with your loved ones. I so enjoy my family, friends, and bf. Without them, this life of mine would be dull.

Who’s ready for FALL SHOPPING!

Jacket: NY&CO/ Jeans: Banana Republic/ Top: LuLus.com



I love this top!


Leopard Bangle: Thrifted/ Gold Bangles: Windsorstore.com


Don't mind the toes, it was mani/pedi time. Shoes: Guess


XOXO, Janel

As usual, this was a great weekend. Other than going to a graduation, I spent the entire weekend doing nothing! Church was great and Pastor Van spoke about God’s Favor. Visit  the church website for information on the series. It’s life changing! My skin is so dewy in these pictures. With the high heat and humidity, my skin always looks wet.. Ugh!!!

In the garage. Lighting isn't the best.

For those that know me. I have a addiction love for shopping. Malls, boutiques, online, you name it, I love it. Well I’m trying to commit to saving more than spending but every time I visit one of my favorite bloggers, Tysha at Shop Now Save Later, I lose the battle. The name of her blog alone, makes me want to SHOP!

 While trying to take a close up picture of my skirt, Teddy jumped in the way! World. meet my pooch!


Much Better. I love this skirt. I got it from Banana Republic. It’s a cute length and fit. The only problem is that the waist has elastic and it got quite twisted this morning. I had to cut a slit in the waist band, pull out the elastic, push through, and pin. I need some blue thread and I will sew the slit. Other than that, this was great for this hot, humid, Sunday.

Michael Kors Bag

This is the bag that I paired with my outfit this today. I love the color and hardware but it’s hard to keep the inside neat and it’s extremely heavy. I anticipate this to be a year round bag. The camera doesn’t do the bag justice.

The Best Place on Earth!

 Well this is where I will spend the rest of my Sunday. Other than planning for the work week and counting the days before Mr. Taylor is here for the weekend, I’ll be doing nothing. Catch me here or on Twitter @nel_1984!

XOXO, Janel

Thank God for Friday!!

Hopefully some good things are happening for me and J! I look forward to sharing those with you soon! I don’t have much to say so just enjoy the pics. They aren’t the best quality. I almost forgot to snap them while inside so I just took a few in the garage. At 85 degrees with a 65% humidity at 6:30 AM, I was rushing.

Hope you enjoy!

Green Button Down: NY&CO

Blue Chinos: Will Smith from Marshalls

Tan Belt: Random Belt Salesman in ATL

Brown Loafers: Nine West

Watch Bracelets and Earrings: WindsorStore.com

Tan Bag: Aldo Shoes







Cardigan: The Limited, Tank: Gap, Chinos: J Crew, Pearls: Express

Good morning all. Well this is my first outfit post so I hope you enjoy. I don’t know what I was thinking when I committed to outfits posts. I HATE taking pictures. I need to lose about 15 pounds and lately my skin has been very OUT OF WACK!

Bag: Aldo Shoes

Any way, I don’t know about you but my Monday mornings are normally hectic. It normally consist of the following questions:

  1. What to Wear?
  2. What to Eat for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner?
  3. What am I wearing to the gym?
  4. Where’s by badge?
  5. Where are my keys?
  6. Did I feed and walk Teddy?
  7. So on and so on and so on…


Shoes: Jessica Simpson

When I get to work, I’m normally cleaning out last week items from my Outlook inbox, straightening my desk, checking on my staff, answering an awful amount of questions from my internal and external clients, and so on. Normally, by the time I look up its noon and I’m prying myself away from my desk for lunch. I almost always leave work on Mondays feeling like I got nothing accomplished because there are just so many small tasks to complete.

Oh well, I sure hope you enjoy the pictures. Excuse the low quality. I’m new to this whole picture/blogging thing and it’s too hot to take pictures outside. In Alabama the weather is easily 90 degrees in the AM with humidity of 50% or more.

Have a fabulous day everyone.

XOXO, Janel

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