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 So I see a lot of people posting pictures of the contents of their purse and so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. So the first picture is of the outside of the bag, the second is the inside and the third lists the details of the contents. ENJOY!!

The Bag

This is my Aldo Bag I purchased in Vegas. It’s proving to be a staple and great to carry! See Monday Morning Grind post. 

A Peek Inside


 A peek inside the bag. As you can see, I don’t carry much. I hate carrying a bag that’s too heavy seeing as though I already carry so much for work, a lunch bag, and gym bag.

The Contents

Explanation of the Contents:
  1. 1. Random Papers: One is a hotel list for an upcoming trip to Atlanta and the other is an invoice for my Orkin Pest Control.

2. Beige Michael Kors Wallet

3. Cheapy Sunnies

4. Mac Blot Powder

  1. 5. Business Card Holder

6. Dooney & Bourke Coin Holder

7. Philosophy Hope in a Jar Moisturizer: Never know when dry skin will appear

8. Philosophy Purity All in One Cleanser: I use this right after the gym. Lately my skin has been crazy so I keep this in case I need to clean sweat, oil, etc.

9. Pen

10.   Nickle

11.   VPN access to the office

12.   Nivea Lip Balm

13.   Mac Lipstick in Plum Dandy

14.   Black Radiance Lip Gloss in Whisper Pink

15.   Car/House Keys

16.   iPhone headphones and Camera USB cord

17.   iPhone

18.   Blackberry (work phone)

The only thing missing is my camera and that’s because I was using it! Well I hope you enjoyed it! See you soon.

XOXO, Janel



Cardigan: The Limited, Tank: Gap, Chinos: J Crew, Pearls: Express

Good morning all. Well this is my first outfit post so I hope you enjoy. I don’t know what I was thinking when I committed to outfits posts. I HATE taking pictures. I need to lose about 15 pounds and lately my skin has been very OUT OF WACK!

Bag: Aldo Shoes

Any way, I don’t know about you but my Monday mornings are normally hectic. It normally consist of the following questions:

  1. What to Wear?
  2. What to Eat for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner?
  3. What am I wearing to the gym?
  4. Where’s by badge?
  5. Where are my keys?
  6. Did I feed and walk Teddy?
  7. So on and so on and so on…


Shoes: Jessica Simpson

When I get to work, I’m normally cleaning out last week items from my Outlook inbox, straightening my desk, checking on my staff, answering an awful amount of questions from my internal and external clients, and so on. Normally, by the time I look up its noon and I’m prying myself away from my desk for lunch. I almost always leave work on Mondays feeling like I got nothing accomplished because there are just so many small tasks to complete.

Oh well, I sure hope you enjoy the pictures. Excuse the low quality. I’m new to this whole picture/blogging thing and it’s too hot to take pictures outside. In Alabama the weather is easily 90 degrees in the AM with humidity of 50% or more.

Have a fabulous day everyone.

XOXO, Janel

So after much debate and consideration, I’ve decided to do my own blog, separate from the blog I currently own with Johnny ,here. After stalking the blogs of Leslie at Fashion du Jour, Lexy at Beauty Fash, Inez at Style Chic 360 and  Tysha at Shop Now Save Later, I had to do a spin-off from our main site.

My goal with starting this blog is to  really develop my own personal style. As I experience hit and misses, I’ll share those with you. Periodically I’ll post pictures of my daily outfits. Only those that are picture worthy will make it!

Feel free to stop by periodically, subscribe, and post comments. My contact information is below:

EmAiL: JoJohnson1984@hotmail.com

TwItTeR: @nel_1984

BlOg: thefashionistajourney.wordpress.com

Until next time,

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